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Buy Health Supplements With Bitcoin!

You can now buy your health supplements with Bitcoin! The Health Cloud are supporters of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and we have been working hard to find a way to accept Bitcoin on our store. This is more difficult than it sounds, due to the lack of Bitcoin payment processors in the UK. Fortunately we have teamed up with a company called BitPay! By using BitPay it allows us to directly convert the Bitcoin (or a percentage) into GBP, removing the risk of the volatility of the current Bitcoin prices. We are proud to be the first health supplement store in the UK to accept Bitcoin! 


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is both a network and a currency. The network consists of thousands of “nodes” around the world, these nodes process and confirm the transactions of Bitcoin in what’s known as the “block chain”. These nodes are run by normal people, there is no centralised organisation or company that runs or controls Bitcoin. This means that there are a number of positives like no bank fees and charges, charge backs, no excessive transfer fees and it’s also really quick. You can send Bitcoin to someone the other side of the world virtually for free in about 10 minutes.

The currency Bitcoin can be stored anywhere. You can have it on your phone, computer, online wallet and paper wallet. You can choose to access it anywhere or to have it hidden away, it is up to you. The currency is close to being anonymous, there are no names behind Bitcoin accounts or transactions. The block chain is a public ledger, so only wallet addresses and transactions are publicly kept as record. Anonymity is a growing concern after more and more news about organisations and governments gathering personal data.

Bitcoin is extremely safe. It is not known as a currency, but a cryptocurrency, because it’s cryptographically secure. This simply means that all transactions are secretly encoded with an incredibly strong algorithm. As long as your wallet is secure, you have nothing to worry about.


Learn more about Bitcoin…

  There is an excellent F.A.Q on Bitcoin here:
  You can visit the main Bitcoin website here:
  You can also learn more about our Bitcoin payment processor here:


How do I spend my Bitcoin on The Health Cloud?

Once you have selected Bitcoin as the payment method in checkout you will be forwarded to a BitPay webpage which will show you the Bitcoin payment information. Simply scan the QR code with your mobile wallet, or copy and paste the Bitcoin address and pay via your computer wallet. The GBP value will automatically be converted to the equivalent Bitcoin value for this payment.