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Primal Master Formula (60 Packets / 360 Capsules)


  • Extremely Potent Vitamin/Mineral Complex
  • Highly Bioavailable Ingredients Your Body Can Use
  • Wide Spectrum of Phytonutrients and Nutraceuticals
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Regulates Blood Sugar
  • Fights Free Radical Damage
  • Supports Cognitive Function

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Primal Master Formula works synergistically with the Primal Blueprint eating and exercise strategies to support your immune system, maximize your natural hormone production and balance, support normal blood sugar levels, lower stress hormone production, support the healthy structure and function of your brain and nerve cells and, most importantly, help combat oxidative damage in every cell of your body.* With over 51 top research-proven ingredients in balanced doses, Primal Master Formula beats every other multivitamin formulation on the market. This master formula is the most comprehensive, all-in-one nutritional supplement on the planet.

Comprehensive Coverage

When you buy multiple bottles of different supplement products to achieve high-potency benefits across the board, you often get the same ingredients recurring in some or all of the formulas. This can lead to very high levels of some nutrients at the expense of others (as well as unnecessarily adding to the cost). Primal Master Formula is balanced to account for all major nutrients at optimal doses in one formula, so you don’t have to waste money mixing and matching dozens of products only to achieve disproportioned, cost-ineffective results.*

Purest Ingredients

Each of the 51 ingredients in Primal Master Formula is derived from what research shows to be the most “bioavailable” source; that is, the source that is easiest for our bodies to use. And because we combine only the “active components” of 51 single-nutrient supplements into one formula, we eliminate the coloring agents, waxes and unnecessary fillers that take up so much space in other products.*

Cost Effective

The nutrients in the Primal Master Formula, if purchased separately, could easily cost between $400 and $450 per month—that’s no exaggeration. But since we are able to create our supplements in bulk, we pass along the savings to you. This way, you get all the benefits and security of knowing you’re taking advantage of the most well researched ingredients at once, without the exorbitant price tag. If you break it down annually, that’s a savings of over $2,400 per year on ingredients that are the gold standard in nutrition science!

Research Based

There is a large body of research being conducted by the scientific community on the health-enhancing properties of specific vitamins, antioxidants, phytochemicals and nutraceuticals. Unfortunately, it takes thousands of hours to sort through this research to determine which ingredients are safest and most effective, and which are still unproven, unnecessary or just a waste of money. We’ve done the exhaustive research for you and have used it to create Primal Master Formula. So you can rest easy knowing that you’re benefiting from a supplement that is ultra effective and highly supported by nutrition science.*


Unfortunately, regular health food store vitamins can sometimes be two or three years old by the time you purchase them, rendering them far less potent than you would expect or deserve. Most of those vitamins are made in large quantities and warehoused for months or years before they are even sold to your local health food store, where they then sit for many more months (or years) until you purchase them. For this very reason, Primal Master Formula is not available in stores but is made and shipped laboratory-fresh to your door.


Nutrition Facts

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Suggested Use

Take one packet (6 capsules) with your morning meal and one with your afternoon or early evening meal. If preferred, both daily packets (12 capsules) can be taken at the same time with food.

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