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Liposomal Vitamin D3 with K2 (60ml)


  • Powerful Antioxidant Support
  • Healthy Heart & Mind
  • Enhanced Detoxification & Radiance
  • Unparalleled Bioavailability

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Vitamin D3 is a micronutrient that plays a crucial role in bone formation, mood regulation and numerous other bodily functions. PuraTHRIVE™ Liposomal D3 is an easily absorbed form that may help to support all around health and prevent symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency.


Key Facts:

– Vitamin D is a fat-soluble micronutrient involved in a wide range of bodily processes.

The vast majority of the population is deficient (some experts suggest up to 90% of people) and there’s evidence to suggest it underlies a wide range of major health challenges.

– Vitamin D intake is essential for lasting wellness.

Maintaining optimal levels of vitamin D may help support cognitive function, detoxification, DNA repair, all around health and resistance to disease.

– PuraTHRIVE™ Liposomal D3 is up to 185x more absorbable than standard formulations.

We pair our vitamin D3 with vitamin K2 for maximum absorption, along with our patented Micelle Liposomal Delivery that protects the molecules from breakdown in the digestive tract.


Key Features and Benefits:

–Strong & Stable Joints

Joint pain is an epidemic, impacting millions of people worldwide. What if relief was as simple as raising your vitamin D levels? Research suggests sub-optimal concentrations in the body increase the likelihood of suffering from aches and pains. The great news? A breakthrough study demonstrated that taking vitamin D3 (combined with vitamin K2) promotes bone health & density and may prevent joint breakdown.

– Healthy Heart & Mind

Vitamin D3 also helps support brain health and reduces the buildup of beta amyloid plaque – two big contributors to brain fog, memory loss, and other signs of cognitive decline. Even your heart has vitamin D receptors, and research shows that high levels of vitamin D help keep it strong and healthy. A large cohort study demonstrated that those with low vitamin D levels are much more likely to have heart challenges.

– All Around Wellness

Healthy vitamin D3 levels help your body ward off illness on every level. It functions as a powerful antioxidant, helps control irritation and exhibits antiviral properties. Vitamin D3 even “switches on” up to 291 genes that control metabolic processes throughout the body. According to one study, this allows vitamin D3 to support the immune system, aid in DNA repair, and even ease the process of aging.

– Safe & Unparalleled Absorption

Taking D3 alone isn’t necessarily the answer (and may even be harmful). That’s why we’ve added a highly bioavailable form of vitamin K2 to the mix, MK-7, which allows calcium to bind with your bones (where it’s needed) and routes it away from your heart, kidney and arteries. You’ll also be glad to hear our patented liposomal delivery method wraps the D3 and K2 in a series of protective layers, allowing them to safely pass through the digestive system and be properly absorbed by your body.



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